When Bjork Attacks!

Strange singer Bjork attacked an entertainment news photographer in New Zealand over the weekend.

The single-named star reportedly ripped the man's shirt in half after he ignored a request not to snap any pictures of her, the New Zealand Herald states.

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Wentworth Miller and Amie Bice: Together?

Is Wentworth Miller back together with Amie Bice?

The Prison Break star and the blonde cutie caused a stir went they were spotted together back in April 2007, and celebrity gossip photographers have now snapped shots of the duo together again.

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Sidney Blumenthal Busted for DUI

Sidney Blumenthal Busted for DUI

Sidney Blumenthal might be a senior advisor to Hillary Clinton, but the political guru may have been better served reading The Hollywood Gossip recently instead of CNN.

That way, Blumenthal would have hopefully learned a lesson from the drunk plight of Mischa Barton and many other stupid celebrities: the advisor was arrested and charged with aggravated drunken driving on the eve of the New Hampshire primary.

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Olga Kurylenko Finds Bondage Beautiful

Olga Kurylenko Finds Bondage Beautiful

They sure know how to choose Bond Girls.

Racy pictures of model/actress Olga Kurylenko have been leaked onto the Internet, courtesy of her role as a woman who gets caught up in a blackmail scheme in the 2006 film Le Serpent.

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The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 12

The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 12

We welcome you, celebrity news fans around the world, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest. This week's winner: lucy lesbian. Congratulations!

The winning reply appears below the pic. Scroll down the page to read the full list of (hilarious) captions we received. Please come back and play every week!

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