Hilary Duff Dishes on Fellow Female Celebrities

Hilary Duff was recently interview by Allure. Here's what the young star had to say about a trio of fellow young, female celebrities:

On Lindsay Lohan: "Supposedly, I stole Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend [Aaron Carter.] We were, like, 13! And I've never stolen anyone's boyfriend! I don't know how you do that! She was talking about it and I wasn't. It made us both look bad and put up a big weirdness. Really, she was just a girl my age. We are fine now, by the way."

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Reality Shows We'd Love to See This Summer

Reality Shows We'd Love to See This Summer

We've concluded there aren't nearly enough reality TV shows. Especially not in the summertime. Sure, there may be, oh, 100 of them already. But there's always room to be found in our TV-loving, pop-culture worshiping hearts.

Here's a list of reality shows we'd like to see this season ...

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Making Us Ralph: Kim Kardashian Lingerie Photos

Making Us Ralph: Kim Kardashian Lingerie Photos

Note to Kim Kardahian: Are you truly so desperate for attention that you'll pose for any publication that coughs up the dough?

Note to Ralph Magazine: Do you not realize that we've all seen Kim Kardashian nude in Playboy? Therefore, pictures of the socialite in lingerie are akin to David Archuleta performances on American Idol (i.e. boring!).

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Tameka Foster and Usher Ignore Taunts, Eat

Tameka Foster and Usher Ignore Taunts, Eat

It's been many months since Tameka Foster and Usher really made any entertainment news headlines. The couple appears to have gotten married and settled into a calm, normal routine.

So, here's our question to Usher fans/Foster haters: do you still possess the sort of venom for Tameka that Britney Spears has for underwear, or Lauren Conrad unleashes toward Heidi Montag?

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Britney Spears, Larry Rudolph Return to Studio

Troubled pop singer Britney Spears returned to the recording studio this week with her former manager, Larry Rudolph. But it's nothing serious.

"We went into the studio, but it was just for fun - nothing more," Larry Rudolph said of their visits to a studio in Burbank, Calif., Monday and Tuesday.

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Jessica Gibson Soaks Up Celebrity Gossip Attention

Simply by accusing Rob Lowe of sexual harassment, Jessica Gibson has made a boatload of money.

We're not saying this automatically means the actor's former nanny is a liar, but we do question anyone's motives when he or she begins to pop up in every celebrity gossip tabloid out there.

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Kristy Lee Cook Sent Home on American Idol

A series of mediocre performances finally caught up to Kristy Lee Cook last night, as the pretty American Idol contestant with a disdain for Simon Cowell was voted off the show.

Cowell was a constant thorn in Cook's side, telling her on Tuesday night "you didn't give me chills," but "you managed with what you could."

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