Adrienne Maloof Preps for Season Two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

With all the talk over whether or not Camille Grammer will return for a second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, one small item is yet to be addressed: Bravo has not actually renewed this show for a second season.

Considering the ratings for last week's finale, however, it's a safe to assume that Camille, Kim, Kyle and company will return. Simply put, "we're preparing for season two," says Adrienne Maloof.

Did Lindsay Lohan Try to Bribe Dawn Holland?

Did Lindsay Lohan Try to Bribe Dawn Holland?

After Lindsay Lohan's encounter with Dawn Holland at the Betty Ford Center, during which the former staffer originally alleged she was battered by Lindsay, only to take back that claim days later, we joked that bribes go a long way.

Well, the D.A. had the same thought. Only he isn't kidding.

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Eclipse Nominated for Worst Movie of the Year

Look out, Razzie Awards. You've just made yourself a number of passionate enemies.

The ceremony that hands out trophies for what it believes to be the absolute worst in cinema has nominated Eclipse for a 2011-high nine awards. All three beloved cast members - Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner - have been recognized in their respective, insulting categories.

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Nadya Suleman: The Worst Neighbor Ever

Nadya Suleman: The Worst Neighbor Ever

On the list of people you wouldn't want to live next door to, Octomom has to be pretty high up. A few of the unfortunate souls who must endure such a fate are speaking out about the relentless screaming, cackling and police sirens.

Claiming Nadya Suleman not only disrupts the community but hurts property values, Octomom's neighbors in La Habra, Calif., liken it to an amusement park.

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Aaron Carter Enters Rehab

Aaron Carter Enters Rehab

Unfortunately, Aaron Carter has pulled a Demi Lovato.

The former boy band member has been forced to delay work on anew album because he's checked into rehab for "emotional and spiritual issues," according to manager Johnny Wright.

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Celebrity Hairstyle Showdown: Rihanna vs. Sideshow Bob

Celebrity Hairstyle Showdown: Rihanna vs. Sideshow Bob

Rihanna channeled her inner ... someone with her new wacky, uber-curly, fire-red hairstyle. Sideshow Bob of The Simpsons fame is one who comes to mind.

The wannabe TV star/murderer voiced by Kelsey Grammer has pretty much failed at all his career endeavors, but can he take down RiRi in this hairstyle showdown?

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Jack LaLanne, Fitness Guru, Passes Away at 96

Jack LaLanne, Fitness Guru, Passes Away at 96

Jack LaLanne was a pioneer of sorts.

A fitness aficionado who inspired TV viewers to trim down, eat well and pump iron for decades before diet and exercise became anational obsessions, he clearly followed his own advice. He was 96 when he passed away at his home Sunday.

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Mel Gibson to Former Oksana Grigorieva Bodyguard: Gimme Some Dirt!

In light of the recent eye-opening statements from Kristian Herzog, Mel Gibson wants the ex-bodyguard of Oksana Grigorieva to spill it all in court.

Specifically, information Team Mel feels will paint his estranged baby mama as the liar and fraud they have been making her out to be for months now.

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