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Jeep’s unfortunate use of water / Jossip

Jeep’s unfortunate use of water
— Fri, Nov 4, 2005 —

When the Asian tsunami hit, American Express immediately pulled its Laird Hamilton surfing ads. When Starbucks finally realized its “Crash into cool” campaign mimicked that whole Twin Towers bursting in a a ball of fire, death and dust thing, they also pulled their ads.

But unfortunately for Jeep, sometimes you just can’t pull your campaign just can’t get cut from the airwaves fast enough.

Their spot for the Jeep Commander, which just aired, shows a family emerging from the sea after a (completely unrealistic) underwater tour. “That was cool,” utters child actor. How 4-H.

And just where else did we see a SUV in a body of water today? Oh yeah, that’s right:

Rescuers Save Driver Of SUV Stuck In River [KIRO TV]

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