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Monday, January 31, 2005

Minimum Wage: False hope for the working class

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Now Adam Moss is spearheading a cruelty campaign against more than just New York‘s staff. Now he’s targeting people on the street, with false idealism about setting their own minimum wage.

Mozart-collecting Mohammed Mansour wants the new $6/hour (up from $5.15 just last month) to jump to $10/hour, “otherwise you can’t save.” Well put, especially with that pharmacist’s degree. Luz Santana, in town (well, Williamsburg) from Puerto Rico, wants at least 8 bucks an hour to ring people up and make change. She reasons, “I could buy more clothes. Jeans used to cost $20. Now they’re like $50. And I’m not even picky.”

Jeans for $50? We think there’s a better chance of finding denim that cheap than an $8 per hour mandatory wage, but what do we know about the economy?

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