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‘Vogue’ will offer readers one-stop advertisement website / Jossip

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

‘Vogue’ will offer readers one-stop advertisement website

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Yes, yes, we get it, Tom Florio is not leaving Vogue. Especially after he upped the book’s advertising appeal by inking a deal with activ8it. The new deal will allow readers to visit the Vogue-branded activ8it site to interact with advertisers who have pages in the magazine.

While Florio acknowledged the project, he refused to comment, calling it “top secret.” The planning began in Februrary and will reach fruition in this fall. And thankfully, “No current Vogue magazine editorial staffers will assist in this online venture, as the current eight-member active8it staff will oversee all responsibilities.”

Because Conde Nast is very, very serious about avoiding editorial-advertising conflicts.