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Securing the President: Banking on fuzzy TVs and Windows / Jossip

Thu / 20 Jan 2005
Securing the President: Banking on fuzzy TVs and Windows

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In between naps and answering the intercom for food deliveries, we at Jossip were momentarily distracted by this really big event going on in the nation’s capital. Something about amalgamation or immunization – something ending in “-ation,” we’re nearly certain Anyhow, it’s very high security – like, “Terror Alert Red” high security. Or even “Dick Cheney needs a Big Mac” high security.

So with CNN on the flat screen HDTV, we listen attentively to the anchors’ banter about Wyoming having been dubbed “The Free State” because it gave women the right to vote before anyone else (so there!). Then our attention is turned toward all the security.

As the camera pans the inside of a mobile security unit, reporter Kelli Arena reminds us federal, state and local authoriies have eyes and ears everywhere, entering even the most minor suspicions into a multi-agency database (yes, catalog everything, including the hipster in the Canadian track jacket). Oh, and that’s where the camera shows a couple TV sets inside the van tuned to .. the snow channel. Eyes and ears everywhere, indeed.

Well maybe, like The Apprentice on Broadway, everything’s not on television. Let’s check out what their doing on their computers. Oh look, a big map is on the screen, probably the same one Cheney’s aids are using to find the quickest route to McDonald’s. And what’s that? The Windows task bar? Lovely, Microsoft is securing the president – that’s quite a vote of confidence.

Should they Ctrl + Alt + Del anytime soon, we’ll let you know.

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