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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Republican’s Manhattan cruise ship called off

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Egads! Republicans are beginning to fear Americans — or New Yorkers, at least — see them as elitists. Whatever will they do.

To coincide with the Republican National Convention’s foolish idea to hold its convention in Manhattan, the politicos were planning to spend the time aboard the 2,224-passenger Norwegian Dawn cruise ship. Tom Delay, House majority leader, just last week insisted the plans for the floating Hudson River housing would go forward.

By staying on the ship, an estimated $40 million in local business would be taken away from the island, instead going toward the ship’s 10 restaurants and 14 bars and lounges. New Yorkers claimed to take offense at the idea of the RNC members holding their convention in the city without actually staying there. So finally, bowing to criticism, Delay called off the cruise ship plan.

We know we weren’t the only ones wishing for a little Staten Island ferry action on this one.

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