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Kerry puts the ‘fun’ in fundraiser – or not / Jossip

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Friday, July 09, 2004

Kerry puts the ‘fun’ in fundraiser – or not

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Last night’s John Kerry fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall was anything but – a paltry turnout for an even more paltry dollar figure raised (rumored to be $7.5mil, but come on, it’s not like this was a Madonna show a the Garden).

The B-listers – a category, we should make explicitly clear, now holds more has-been A-listers than it does true B-listers – filled in as talking heads, with Chevy Chase and Jessica Lange making up the guest list, along with the staffers of numerous politicos. And we’d carry on about the report of Jason Binn, but we actually want to enjoy the company clam bake in the Hamptons this weekend.

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