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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Jossip Juxtaposition

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J We think The Swan sucks too – now that it’s over. But to take it’s place is an all-real makeover show, which NBC has greenlighted. Fatty contestants will take each other on in The Biggest Loser, attempting to lose more weight than their opponents – sans liposculpting or gastro-bypass surgery. Who knew it was possible? It’s like the Atkins diet actually works.

J Dennis Publishing is looking for a replacement for Maxim‘s chief, Keith Blanchard. Perhaps he finally got tired of everyone calling him gay.

J Even John Kerry is endorsing the president.

J American Idol creator Simon Fuller will be joining Dick Clark to revive American Bandstand, set to debut summer 2005. Fuller, thankfully, will not be hosting it – and neither will Clark, but we’re not sure which we’re more excited about.

J Apparently, Brooklyn has turned into a “destination now, it’s not the alternative.”