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Jiblets: Jolie in NYC, the city’s newest media anon-a-blogger / Jossip

Wed / 29 Jun 2005
Jiblets: Jolie in NYC, the city’s newest media anon-a-blogger

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The Michael Jackson Story, a television special focusing only on the pop star’s music career, got pulled from British airwaves just hours before it was set to air after authorities raided Neverland. But now it’s being shopped around to U.S. networks, after ITV (the same U.K. channel that commissioned Martin Bashir‘s documentary) abandoned the project.

• Please welcome Jolie in NYC, New York’s newest anonymous insider media blogger. She’s a beauty editor who reminds us her industry is “akin to a sorority. With even better hair.”

• The New York Post waved goodbye to features editor Faye Penn, who took off for the greener pastures of New York mag, and features art director Shanti Marlar, who wants to make Us Weekly a prettier place. And the NYDN wants to tell you all about it.

Us Quarterly will be the celebrity glossy Vanity Fair always tried to be, with fewer photo captions detailing which Olsen twin you’re looking at and longer features delving into all of Jennifer Lopez‘s weddings.

• The BET Awards opened with an on-stage Fugees reunion (back in the studio and planning for a 2006 album release) and an about-to-split Destiny’s Child performance. But what wasn’t there? A total of eight MIA award winners, including Kayne West, though for some reason Tom Cruise showed his face.

• We wouldn’t expect another season of Real World to hit airwaves without the requisite cast member arrest, now would we? Thanks Johanna Botta, for completing the Austin season’s needs.

Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t letting his cut-up mug get in the way of opening an eco-hotel off the coast of Belize on the island Blackadore Caye island he just bought.

Paris Hilton isn’t saying much about those pregnancy rumors, but we’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Or it’s just a wild paparazzi prank.

• When your media career is in trouble, there’s no one to turn to but WaPo‘s Howard Kurtz. Howie, if you will.

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