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David LaChappelle
Fri / 16 Sep 2005

Gwen Stefani might be the one throwing cell phones at her assistant, thanks to Naomi Campbell. The suddenly spiritual runway diva plans to one-up the L.A.M.B. designer with an impromptu Hurricane Katrina fashion show benefit to take place just after Gwen wraps up.

• Meanwhile, Naomi needed two hours to pull herself together for a CNN interview, which she delivered (when she finally showed up) with emotion — naturally causing journo Richard Quest to burst into laughter.

• At Wednesday’s H&M party, David LaChappelle had a few words for the Simpson family: He’s sorry. Well, sorry for Fox’s Simpsons that’re helplessly associated with Jessica and Ashlee, that is.

John Rutter landed himself three years and eight months of jail time, stemming from his attempt to blackmail Cameron Diaz out of $3.5 million to keep her topless photos from circulating. Now he can only hope his prison mates are nicer fellas.

• Not that it’s really “news,” but Tom Sizemore was ordered yesterday to stay in rehab for another 30 days, though he can leave to work and attend charity events. Which is good news, since he has five films on his docket already.

• Ladies (and gentlemen), rejoice: Your wish to see Brad Pitt give a full frontal shot are about to be granted. In a sacrifice for his art, Brad will pose totally nude (standing in a bathtub, no less!) in his new flick, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. No strategically placed rubber duckies have been spotted on set.

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