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Garrett Graff / Jossip

Garrett Graff
Thu / 18 Aug 2005

• When Ann Curry isn’t bringing you toned down versions of the rest of the world, she’s pissing off her neighbors. Meanwhile, ex-Entertainment Tonight host Maria Menounos is headed to the Today show to make it “more hip.”

Lachlan Murdoch is getting a giddy-up on his own plans for a media empire, having registered the new Australian company Illyria just three days after announcing he was leaving the News Corp. empire.

• The Washington Post named in-housers Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger as its new Reliable Source scribes, which should finally put to rest any rumors of Wonkette’s Ana Marie Cox taking over Richard Leiby‘s byline.

• We’re not the only ones concerned over Brandon Holley‘s coming editorship at Jane — the Wall Street Journal has its quibbles too. As in, for instance, should the mag be renamed Brandon? Probably not, as we don’t need today’s teens struggling with gender identity any more than they already do.

• It’s not just Jason Binn launching new luxury lifestyle publications. And, he’s hoping, we’re the only ones who care.

• MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has a choice to make, and it’s between renewing his contract with Rick Kaplan or submitting a bid to run for a Senate seat.

• FishbowlDC blogger Garrett Graff is joining the staff of Washingtonian magazine as an editor-at-large. Not that we’re totally ignorant to the bloggers-joining-magazines craze or anything.

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