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Teri Hatcher / Jossip

Teri Hatcher
Tue / 20 Sep 2005

Teri Hatcher‘s supersized ego got the best of her Sunday night as she refused to snap pics with Best Comedic Actress winner Felicity Huffman and her other Desperate co-stars.

• Looks like Anna Wintour will be renewing her library card after all. While The Devil Wears Prada is shooting all over NYC, it won’t be shooting at the Fifth Avenue Public Library

• We always knew gay porn kingpin Michael Lucas was a bit of a tramp (though he looks good doing it), but a Fashion Week whore? Well of course, but we didn’t need Page Six to tell us — he’s got his own blog for that.

• Following the great tradition of “you mess up your life, you get a reality show”, Tom Sizemore is shopping a program (from rehab) called Super Sizemore. Though we doubt Heidi Fleiss will be tuning in.

Jamie Lynn Discala is falling into the breakup trap of rebounding with a nightlife king. As word spreads of her breakup from husband-slash-manager A.J. Discala, The Sopranos star is being linked to club promoter Keith Collins.

• Despite your misgivings, Paris Hilton might actually be a charitable person. Or at least her grandfather’s foundation is, which she may or may not be tied to.

Vince Vaughn wasn’t just taken by Jennifer Aniston while he shot The Break Up, but he also fell in love with Chicago. He’s sold his $4 million Los Feliz home for a Chicago pad.

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