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George Clooney speech worse than ER re-runs / Jossip

George Clooney speech worse than ER re-runs
— Fri, Dec 16, 2005 —

After all the hype shaking up the NYU journalism department, George Clooney finally made his long awaited appearence yesterday. It really gave the overpriced university a chance to prove just how much they could waste students’ time and money. Not to mention breaking one bright young students heart to bits. Bits!

The whole drama was unfolded to us this morning, over AIM:

Okay, so George Clooney came to make an “intimate” appearance at NYU to discuss, well, the plan was journalism, his dad and “Good Night, and Good Luck.”

Although, it’s only fair to say that the organizer from the J-school did seem earnestly fretful about the way it turned out.

Anyway… apparently there were two sets of tickets: outside and inside. The “outside” wasn’t merely a surrounding, farther ring, as advised, but actually outside the room Clooney was in! Yes, that’s right. They gave out tickets for a screening room, where something like 35 people were expected to watch the aged, all-be-it dreamy actor on a small television. What? Suddenly he’s shy for a bigger audience? It was like that boring live episode of ER.

Plus, they could never even get the sound to work. Yet, a room full of star hungry j-students stayed, uncharacteristically patient, hoping for just a moment of sound connection to hear his scratchy voice. Alas, it never came through, and the organizer promised George would stop by the room afterwards to at least say hello. So, we started making up dialogue as we watched him (usual black turtle neck, blazer and pants), David Strathairn (Murrow in the film), some anonymous dude (couldn’t hear the introductions…) and the head of the broadcast department do the Q&A on the silent screen. (You know, Etc., etc.)

I couldn’t sum up the patience to wait another listless 30 minutes, and felt my integrity slipping away, so I left before the promised wave.

There you have it, folks. 35 more people who saw George Clooney’s movie for nothing.

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