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Friday, March 18, 2005

SXSW: Drunken bloggers find each other

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With SXSW just a serious of blacked out memories for most patrons, it’s time for the whole blogger community (“blogosphere,” if we can get away with it) to make incestuous love to each other via blog. Gawker managing editor Lockhart Steele just can’t enough photo ops listed. And Bus Blogger Tony Pierce, it seems, has dedicated his entire website to SXSW drunken festivities. Meanwhile, Blogads’ Henry Copeland is just thrilled to meet A-list bloggers.

All these blogs linking to other blogs .. it’s like there’s a whole online community out there! For so long we wondered why so many of these people hide behind their computer screens all day – and now we know.

We’re going to leave it all alone and get back to the physical world, where we drink by ourselves without writing about it for others to read later. (You knew we were kidding about that last part before we even wrote it.)

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