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Craigslist considers real estate listing fees for SF, NYC / Jossip

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Craigslist considers real estate listing fees for SF, NYC

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There’s nothing better than beating a scam with a .. scam. We do love our Craigslist, with its apartment listings (“Avenue C basement studio for $1400!, bathroom in hallway!”), missed connections (“You were wearing fishnets on the 6 train; I was masturbating across from you”) and rants and raves (“What’s with all the blacks and the Jews and the gays?”), but chief exec Jim Buckmaster‘s rationale for charging new fees for certain listings is a bit of a sham.

The text-based urban portal is considering charging for real estate listings in San Francisco and New York City, which means on top of paying a broker fee, you’ll likely also be forced to unknowingly cover the cost of the CL post you responded to. Buckmaster says Craigslist prior decision to charge for job listings in some cities “was the only way to keep out some of the drek that we were starting to see,” like pyramid and work-at-home schemes. That is, charging for its site is the only way to make it any better – free is out, fee is in.

So now you can be sure the $800/month one bedroom in Chelsea is for reals, because someone had to part with $10 to make a $1,590 profit (that’s first and last month’s rent, natch) on your willing-to-be-scammed ass. We’re just hoping the extra cash infusion will go toward better monitoring. (Oh, and before the flamewar for criticizing Buckmaster begins, just know we use and love CL everyday. Where else would we have found our closet-sized “one-bedroom” studio and weeknight hookups?)