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Slate Sale: Not even $20m can rid Weisberg / Jossip

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Slate Sale: Not even $20m can rid Weisberg

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Nothing much new on the Slate sale story, but it’s the biggest thing going this week in media (that we’re being contacted about, at least) so we’ve got to work it to death. First up is the rumored sale price, pegged between $15 and $20 million (annual revenues for the title hover around $6 million), though nobody’s confirming figures. And in an audio interview, soon-to-be publisher Cliff Sloan revealed his plans for the site when it’s under WaPo‘s control, including bundling ad sales with and Newsweek, as well as potentially requiring users to register to gain free access. No mention of getting rid of Jacob Weisberg, however, which killed any chance of us downloading that 16 meg mp3 interview.

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