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Matt Drudge: Memogate definitely caused Rather’s leave / Jossip

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Matt Drudge: Memogate definitely caused Rather’s leave

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Not that anyone actually believed CBS’s spin about Dan Rather’s departure being unrelated to Memogate, but already-in-2005 Matt Drudge says the “independent” commission investigating the matter handed its findings to network execs prior to Rather’s resignation. How can we believe Mattypoo? Because he’s “got immaculate sources at CBS,” of course. Next on the hit list: CBS News president Andrew Heyward and Rather’s producer Mary Mapes. Reps for The Eye says it’s all bogus and the commission has yet to deliver any final report, which strikes us as less believable than Brian Williams becoming relevant anytime before Bill Clinton takes over the U.N.