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‘American Idol’ Countdown: It’s on for Paula Abdul! / Jossip

Wed / 04 May 2005
‘American Idol’ Countdown: It’s on for Paula Abdul!

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We don’t have much time to chat today because, as you can imagine, this American Idol scandal is taking much of our breathing room (and last night’s collapsted lung isn’t helping). Well, that and we’re still recovering from Dr. Phil‘s appearance on Jay Leno last night – and warming up TiVo for his hour-long Pat O’Brien “Outta Rehab” special (not the offical title) airing tonight at 8pm, and thus conflicting with our required AI viewing.

When something is big enough to distract us from Pat O’Brien fessin’ up, you know we’re slammed!

We hope you’ll tune into MSNBC’s Connected: Coast to Coast today around 12:30pm EST as we look toward tonight’s Primetime Live expose Fallen Idol. We’ll be joined by Reality Blurred‘s Andy Dehnart to help overexpose the scandal.

Here’s what we know so far (all “alleged,” of course): Paula Abdul‘s backstage antics with second season contestant Corey Clark included more than just grooming him as a performer (helping him choose songs and hair styles and providing a prescription cough syrup to him with the Rx written in her name) but turned their “mother-son” relationship into something more than platonic – so much so she was even calling his parents’ house looking for him!

What’s more, Swift Report is “reporting” the voicemail between Abdul and Clark was intercepted by federal agents during a Patriot Act investigation of suspected Jordanian terrorst Buelah Abdul.

Meanwhile, Fox is not denying any of the allegations but merely pointing out Clark’s motivations in revealing all this. Execs have made Paula promise not to speak to the press about the claims or the ABC expose, at least for now.

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