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Jossiping With Todd Galloway
What’s It Really Like Ditching Your Day Job To Watch America’s Next Top Model And The Hills?

A long time ago, in a kingdom not so far away, a young Jossip editrix named Corynne decided it might be fun to interview her gossip, media and PR peers in a semi-regular (and uncharacteristically earnest) feature she creatively entitled ???Jossiping.??? In honor of our predecessor, we???ve decided to bring back the tradition, one informal sit-down at a time.

This week: Debbie Newman catches up with Fafarazzi co-creator Todd Galloway.

Do you hate sports and non-famous people? Have you ever feigned an interest in deep philosophical issues, global warming or the presidential elections while secretly dreaming about filching your little sister’s collection of celebrity weeklies? If so, Fafarazzi is here to help get your priorities straight. Meet co-founder and 27 year-old Cleveland native Todd Galloway.

Galloway (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Perez Hilton) recently ditched the boring to pursue a lifelong dream of getting paid to watch crap reality television. In addition to celebrity smut, his interests include the Cleveland Indians, long walks on the beach and, of course, stalking people on Facebook.

First off, for those who don’t already know, tell us a bit about how Fafarazzi works

Okay – we’ve got 2 types of games: Fantasy Celebrity Leagues and Reality TV Fantasy Games. The first works just like fantasy football — [you] play in a league with your friends and pick your favorite celebs for your team [and] score points every time they get mentions in the gossip blogs. The TV show ones work similarly, but you pick your 3 favorite characters each week – and then they score you points during the episode by doing…stuff.

Doing stuff?

Winning challenges, crying, taglines, avoiding elimination and so on.

Who’s the reality television MVP right now?

Rami from Project Runway is the most-picked character of all the shows right now

Rami, which one is that one, the Israeli guy?

Yes? He won the first challenge so I guess that makes him the early favorite.

But if crazy is also a factor, wouldn’t the woman who made the dress with the fugly 4 foot train also be a contender?

Oh yeah, for sure. But she got negative points for being in the Bottom 2, so she’s a risk, too.

I see your point. So, we’ve established that winning, crying and emotional breakdowns are all factors. How exactly does the scoring work? Ultimately, is winning the challenge on a reality show worth more than, say, coming out on the show or starting a wild girl-on-girl catfight?

Winning and drama equals good points, elimination or bottom two equals negative points. I think the catfight wins in that case.

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Nov 27, 2007 · Link · 2 Responses

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No. 1
elaine says:

NO WAY!!!! Todd is waaaaay too hot to be compared to (ick) perez hilton!!

Posted: Nov 28, 2007 at 12:27 am

No. 2
jimbo says:

Hey what is this I hear abot Perez pooping his gym shorts while taping celeb fit club ???

Posted: Nov 28, 2007 at 9:32 am

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