Playboy Cover Girl
Rachelle Leah is best known for her work with the UFC. But she'll likely be best known for her work in Playboy after she poses nude for the magazine.

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Rachelle Leah
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Rachelle Leah Biography

Rachelle Leah, Playboy
Rachelle Leah was an Octagon Girl for the UFC. In other words: she wears very little clothing and she holds up the cards signifying which... More »
San Carlos, California
Full Name
Rachelle Leah San Filippo

Rachelle Leah Quotes

I do whatever I enjoy. That's just what life's all about.

Rachelle Leah

I got jumped in ninth grade. Ten girls started grabbing my hair and beating me. If those girls from ninth grade came back, I'd hold my own

Rachelle Leah