Bringing the Bling
Tiffany Pollard flashes her bling and her enormous breasts in this shot, courtesy of her 27th birthday party in January of 2009. We're shocked this reality TV star has not made it as an actress.

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Tiffany Pollard
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Tiffany Pollard Biography

Tiffany Pollard, Boobs
Tiffany Pollard is also known as "New York." She was a contestant on Flavor of Love and then got her own spin off show, titled "I Love... More »
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Tiffany Pollard

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I think love can work on television, in the laundromat, anywhere.

Tiffany Pollard

People get hooked. They want to see what's going to happen, who's going home. With some of the shows, you get to see people open up and be themselves.

Tiffany Pollard [on reality shows]