Blake Fielder-Civil Mug Shot
Here's the mug shot for Blake Fielder-Civil, who was given a sentence in jail of 27 months for various crimes he committed, like perverting justice and what have you. No, really, that's what they call it there.

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Blake Fielder-Civil
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Blake Fielder-Civil Quotes

Me and Amy are always gonna be close but we've decided we're better as friends. The fact is we're in an open relationship (well I didn't know we were til recently!!!) but I don't want that. I just want a loyal sweet, staunch, slutty girlfriend.

Blake Fielder-Civil [to pen pal Melissa Goldstone]

Everyone blames the drugs for [Amy Winehouse] being a f****** mess (or they blame me), but to be honest I've done drugs all my f****** life and it didn't turn me into a complete **** ... well a little bit I guess.

Blake Fielder-Civil [to pen pal Melissa Goldstone]