Hannah Brown on Fantasy Suite Expectations: I Only Go to Pound Town With Jesus, Y'all!

Hannah Brown Talks Fantasy Suites: Will She Go Full Beast Mode?

Like America itself, The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is very conflicted on the issue of sex.

You've got The Bachelor In Paradise, where anything goes and cold sores are worn as badges of honor -- and then you've got the most reason seasons of the franchise's flagship shows, both of which focused on chaste young singles who prefer thumping Bibles to headboards.

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Kelly Ripa: The Bachelorette Is Disgusting and So Are the People Who Watch It!

Kelly Ripa: The Bachelorette Is Disgusting!

You know how your Aunt Carol is always flooding your social media feed with memes about made-up holidays devoted to hot dogs or offshore oil rig workers?

Well, she dropped the ball in a big way if she failed to inform you that it's national Hot Takes About the Bachelorette Day!

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