Belfie Stick: Actually a Thing That Exists! Not Just For Kim Kardashian Anymore!

Belfie Stick Proves That the Selfie Has Jumped the Shark

As if the selfie hadn't jumped the shark already, there is now a product that better enables one to take selfie's of one's butt, and it is called a Belfie.

Yes, this is a thing that exists ... and the Internet-breaking queen of narcissism, vanity and butt selfies herself, Kim Kardashian, coined the name.

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Why is the iPhone 6 Bending?

Why is the iPhone 6 Bending?

Still wanna brag about owning an iPhone 6, Justin Bieber?

Across the country, iPhone 6 users have been complaining that their brand new pieces of supposedly amazing technology actually bending - and this is not meant to be one of the phone's cool new features, that's for certain.

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Katy Perry: Every iPhone 6 Comes With a Selfie of ME!!!

Katy Perry: Every iPhone 6 Comes With a Selfie of ME!!!

In case you spend most of your time in a cave, with your fingers in your ears going, "La, la, la, la," the iPhone 6 was released today to much fanfare, and many tech geeks spending hours in line so that they can tweet about how much Apple sucks on a slightly bigger screen.

Because while people are all psyched about the specs on the new phones, they're equally pissed about the fact that Apple violated the sanctity of millions of iTunes accounts by forcing a new U2 album on an unsuspecting populace.

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