Kody Brown Snubs Sister Wives on Mother's Day, Continues to Be the Absolute Worst

Kody Brown Snubs Wives on Mother's Day, Remains the Worst

Kody Brown has tried to make it clear multiple times over the past few months.

Despite his portrayal this season on Sister Wives... despite how badly he treated his spouses and how often he argued with them... the TLC star continued to claim the following:

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Sister Wives Financial Woes: Bankruptcy, Food Stamps, SO Much Debt

Sister Wives Financial Woes: EXPOSED!

At this point, all loyal Sister Wives viewers are well aware that Kody Brown and his family have been battling a number of financial problems.

This was a constant theme of the show's latest season because Kody and company had both purchased a large lot of land and shelled out lots of money for various rented homes in Arizona.

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Meri Brown: Kody Doesn't Appreciate Me! At All!

Meri Brown: Kody Doesn't Appreciate Me! At All!

Meri Brown has come out and said something both very obvious and very unfortunate on Instagram.

The veteran Sister Wives star, whose marriage to Kody has been under a microscope for years now, recently jumped on Instagram and seemed to send a subtle message to followers about her selfish husband.

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