Gwendlyn Brown Feuds with Brother, Trashes Donald Trump as a White Supremacist

Gwendlyn Brown: Donald Trump is a White Supremacist!

Gwendlyn Brown has waded deeply into ongoing matters... both personal and political.

The daughter of Christine and Kody Brown, this occasional Sister Wives cast member spoke out late last week, inserting herself into a feud between her brother and half-sister.

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Meri Brown: I Don't Miss Kody! Not One Bit!

Meri Brown: I Don't Miss Kody! Not One Bit!

Like nearly all responsible Americans, Meri Brown has been staying away from nearly all other human beings for months now.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the veteran Sister Wives star has been isolating in Arizona, keeping her distance from people in order not to get sick and/or to ensure she doesn't get anyone else sick.

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