Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: Another Catfishing Scandal?

Sister Wives Recap: Another Catfishing Scandal?

The drama on Sister Wives has always been up there with some of the best on reality television, but Meri Brown's catfishing scandal was one of the craziest developments on TV last year. 

The drama continued on Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 6, with Meri struggling to move on in the aftermath of it, but why did Kody just want to move on from it?

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Sister Wives Season 11 Episode 5 Recap: Who Got Married?!

Sister Wives Recap: Who Got Married?!

Last night on Sister Wives Season 11 Episode 5, the family wedding everyone was waiting for arrived at last ... but were there any surprises?

Kody has always been very open with his family about his views on things, so it was pretty much a given that he would have some reservations about the wedding. 

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