Donald Trump to Host Saturday Night Live, Feign Sense of Humor

Donald Trump to Host Saturday Night Live!

If you like toupee jokes and pursed-lipped statements of intellectual superiority, then you're in luck!

NBC announced today that presidential candidate and long-lost, Upper East Side cousin of Yosemite Sam, Donald Trump will be hosting Saturday Night Live on November 7.

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Taraji P. Henson SNL Promos: Don't Mess with Cookie!

Taraji P. Henson SNL Promos: Don't Mess with Cookie!

In a set of new promos for her upcoming Saturday Night Live hosting gig, Taraji P. Henson proves to be little too much like her Empire character, the beloved Cookie.

See what we mean in the hilarious video below, as Henson shows Taran Killam why you don't want to mess with Cookie Lyon. EVER.

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11 Scandalous Saturday Night Live Skits: Jesus Christ, No!

11 Scandalous SNL Skits: Jesus Christ, No!

Saturday Night Live courted controversy over the weekend when it made fun of a recent Toyota commercial by having host Dakota Johnson join ISIS.

Not every viewer found this parody funny, however, considering the growing number of young U.S. women who actually have joined this Middle Eastern terrorist group, contributing to countless civilian deaths in the process.

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