Anna Duggar: Pregnant with Fifth Child?!

Anna Duggar: Pregnant with Fifth Child?!

Hold on tight, everybody, because things are about to get uncomfortable in here real quick.

The word on the street (or the internet or wherever) is that Anna Duggar just might be pregnant with her fifth child.

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Blac Chyna Due Date: Revealed!

Blac Chyna Due Date: Revealed!

Prepared yourselves, citizens of the world.

Say your prayers. Eat your vitamins. Get ready for everything to change in just a few weeks time.

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Dean McDermott: Tori Spelling is a GREAT Mom For Having Another Baby With My Cheating Ass!

Dean McDermott: I'm STOKED Tori's Carrying My Cheatus!

Dean McDermott thinks wife Tori Spelling is the bee's knees -- even if everybody else thinks she's insane for dragging her cheating husband through reality TV hell in their sell-out show, "True Tori."  

In an interview with People, Dean said, "This baby is a testament to how much we love each other." "And it's a testament to Tori for staying with me," he gushed.

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