Tawny Willoughby, Skin Cancer Patient, Posts Graphic Pic as Anti-Tanning Cautionary Tale

Mom Posts Graphic Skin Cancer Photo, Decries Tanning

Tawny Willoughby, a 27-year-old mother two a two-year-old son, is suffering from skin cancer, which she blames on an obsession with tanning.

She's posted a photo to prove how unhealthy that habit was. Check out her beautiful face before and after cancer took its toll in these images:

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UC-San Diego Students Required to Take Exam Naked; Mom Complains

UC-San Diego Students Required to Take Final Exam NUDE

The University of California San Diego has some explaining to do.

A student’s mother complained to local media that her daughter was required by the college to take an exam ... in her birthday suit. Seriously.

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Teen With Four-Inch Tongue Can Lick Her Own EYE: Watch, Cringe Now!

Teen With Four-Inch Tongue Can Lick Her Own EYE

When I was a kid, someone dared me to try to fit my fist in my mouth.

It was supposed to be a cruel trick to make me look stupid. But to everyone’s surprise, I easily inserted my entire fist into my mouth ... I still looked stupid.

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Florida Man Punches Shark That Bit Him

Florida Man Punches Shark That Bit Him

Josh Green, a student at University of Central Florida, was swimming last week when a shark tore into his leg.

Of course, Josh did what any man with a set would do, he punched the shark.

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Sandra Lee Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Will Undergo Double Mastectomy

Sandra Lee Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Sandra Lee has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The celebrity chef opened up about the illness to People, telling the magazine that doctors alerted her to the news during what Lee believed to have been a routine mammogram.

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Bobby Brown, Pat Houston Named Co-Guardians of Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobby Brown & Pat Houston: Co-Guardians of Bobbi Kristina

The legal future of Bobbi Kristina Brown's care and medical needs will be decided by her father and her aunt, Bobby Brown and Pat Houston.

Pat Houston and Cissy Houston's counsel, David Long-Daniel, and Christopher Brown, counsel for Bobby Brown, confirmed in a statement:

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Robert Durst Pees on CVS Candy Rack in Bizarre New Video

Robert Durst Pees on CVS Candy Rack in New Video

It's been almost two months since Robert Durst was arrested in connection with the murder of Susan Berman, and the wealthy real estate heir has been held without bail ever since.

But even though Durst is currently incarcerated in a prison mental-health facility outside of New Orleans and has had no contact with the press (with the possible exception of one bizarre letter about opera and the NFL sent to an LA Times reporter), strange stories about the 72-year-old accused serial killer seem to surface on an almost daily basis.

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