Woman Claims to Be in Sexual Relationship with Bigfoot, "Trying For a Baby" with Sasquatch

Washington Woman Claims to Be Dating Bigfoot Since 2008

Nancy Hoggert, a resident of Washington State (not Florida, somewhat surprisingly) claims that she is involved with Bigfoot. Sexually.

Yes, she says she has been in a romantic relationship with the mythical Sasquatch since 2008 ... and they're trying for a baby no less.

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Ted Nugent on Cecil: Lions Are a Renewable Resource! God You People Are Stupid!

Ted Nugent on Cecil the Lion: Hunting is ESSENTIAL!

Suffice it to say, Ted Nugent is not among those lighting a candle for the late Cecil the Lion. Instead, he is lighting the Internet on fire.

In response to those crushed by the creature's death - and the man responsible, Walter Palmer - Nugent unleashed an epic Facebook tirade.

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Stroller Ad Features Bikini-Clad Model, Moms P*ssed!

Stroller Ad Features Bikini-Clad Model, Moms P*ssed!

Whether they feel pressured to or not, most women who have just given birth eventually look for ways to get their pre-baby body back.

Tapping into this market of fitness enthusiasts, Bugaboo suggests that one get return to her pre-baby self by jogging with their little ones.

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