Duggar Family: Broke as a Joke? Or Just Greedy as Hell?

Duggar Family: Broke as a Joke? Or Just Greedy as Hell?

The Duggars are in financial trouble, or so the online media narrative has told us more than once since TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting.

Understandably so. Members of the embattled fundamentalist Christian family have recently issued four separate calls for public donations!

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Woman Claims to Be in Sexual Relationship with Bigfoot, "Trying For a Baby" with Sasquatch

Washington Woman Claims to Be Dating Bigfoot Since 2008

Nancy Hoggert, a resident of Washington State (not Florida, somewhat surprisingly) claims that she is involved with Bigfoot. Sexually.

Yes, she says she has been in a romantic relationship with the mythical Sasquatch since 2008 ... and they're trying for a baby no less.

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Ted Nugent on Cecil: Lions Are a Renewable Resource! God You People Are Stupid!

Ted Nugent on Cecil the Lion: Hunting is ESSENTIAL!

Suffice it to say, Ted Nugent is not among those lighting a candle for the late Cecil the Lion. Instead, he is lighting the Internet on fire.

In response to those crushed by the creature's death - and the man responsible, Walter Palmer - Nugent unleashed an epic Facebook tirade.

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