Belfie Stick: Actually a Thing That Exists! Not Just For Kim Kardashian Anymore!

Belfie Stick Proves That the Selfie Has Jumped the Shark

As if the selfie hadn't jumped the shark already, there is now a product that better enables one to take selfie's of one's butt, and it is called a Belfie.

Yes, this is a thing that exists ... and the Internet-breaking queen of narcissism, vanity and butt selfies herself, Kim Kardashian, coined the name.

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Urban Outfitters Thigh Gap Photos: Possibly Photoshopped, Definitely Banned in UK!

Urban Outfitters Thigh Gap Photos: BANNED in UK!

Urban Outfitters is under fire (what else is knew) for a racy advertisement, this time after running photos of a model with a massive thigh gap on the brand's website.

See below for the pictures that got the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) so up in harms that they ordered UO to remove the image immediately:

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New Year's "Possum Drop" to Continue in N.C., But No Longer With Live Animal

New Year's "Possum Drop" to Continue in N.C., But No Longer With Live Animal

The tiny North Carolina community of Brasstown will continue its tradition of ringing in New Year's Eve with a "Possum Drop," but will no longer use a live opossum.

Yes. This is an actual thing they do there, and there has been a court battle raging for years between the organizers of the Brasstown Possum Drop and PETA.

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