Jinger Duggar: Secretly Planning Permanent Move to Los Angeles!?

Jinger Duggar: Secretly Planning Move to L.A.?

Though there are occasional rebels who deviate from the path that's been laid out for them, for the most part, Duggar children follow in their parents' footsteps as they make their way through adulthood.

From a young age, Duggar women in particular are taught that it's their mission in life to marry young and raise a large family, ideally close to home so that the rest of the clan can assist in caring for a small army of children.

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Jinger Duggar Ghosts Her Family for Christmas

Jinger Duggar Ghosts Her Family for Christmas

For those who celebrate and even for many who do not, Christmas is a time to be with your family.

The Duggars place a lot of importance on being with family and on their religious beliefs, so this is a major holiday for them.

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