Jenelle Evans Shows Off Body Transformation In Bikini Pics: I'm Thicker Than Ever!

Jenelle Evans Shows Off Body Transformation: I'm Thicker Than Ever!

One of the most absurd things about body shaming is that it perpetuates the idea that there's one acceptable body type and that everyone should aspire to it.

Also, there are so many good, valid reasons to make fun of Jenelle Evans that attacking her appearance just seems sort of ridiculous.

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Briana DeJesus: Scamming Fans With Bogus Diet Tea?!

Briana DeJesus: Scamming Fans With Bogus Diet Tea?!

One of the perks of starring on a popular reality show is the opportunity to supplement your income with sponsored content.

Teen Mom 2 cast members have taken full advantage of their circumstances by shilling for everything from fashion designers to diet brands.

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Jenelle Evans Harassed By Trolls: You're the World's Worst Mom! Kill Yourself!

Jenelle Evans Gets Harassed By Online Troll: Kill Yourself!

Before we delve into the latest controversy surrounding Jenelle Evans, it's important for us to clarify a few crucial points:

Things may have been different back when she could afford to buy friends, but these days, we're pretty sure no one other than Jenelle Evans would say that Jenelle Evans is a good mom.

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