Ted Nugent on Cecil: Lions Are a Renewable Resource! God You People Are Stupid!

Ted Nugent on Cecil the Lion: Hunting is ESSENTIAL!

Suffice it to say, Ted Nugent is not among those lighting a candle for the late Cecil the Lion. Instead, he is lighting the Internet on fire.

In response to those crushed by the creature's death - and the man responsible, Walter Palmer - Nugent unleashed an epic Facebook tirade.

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Stroller Ad Features Bikini-Clad Model, Moms P*ssed!

Stroller Ad Features Bikini-Clad Model, Moms P*ssed!

Whether they feel pressured to or not, most women who have just given birth eventually look for ways to get their pre-baby body back.

Tapping into this market of fitness enthusiasts, Bugaboo suggests that one get return to her pre-baby self by jogging with their little ones.

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Daughter Charged with Mom's Murder After "The B-tch is Dead" Facebook Post

Daughter Charged in Mom's Death After Facebook Update

Gypsy Rose Blancharde is charged with murder after her mom, Clauddinnea "Dee Dee" Blancharde, was found dead in their Springfield, Mo., home.

She was 48 years old. Gypsy, 23, was arrested in Big Bend, Wisconsin, with Nicholas Paul Godejohn, 26. There is much more to this, too ...

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