Felicity Huffman Begins Community Service, Rolls Through Beverly Hills In a Porsche

Felicity Huffman Begins Community Service

When F. Scott Fitzgerald famously uttered, "The rich are different from you and me," Ernest Hemingway quipped, "Yes, they have more money."

Our response would have been equally dismissive, but a bit more peevish -- something along the lines of "yeah, no sh-t, Scotty. When they get convicted of federal crimes, they spend less than two weeks behind bars, and they roll up to their cushy community service assignments in six-figure sports cars."

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Sean Spicer Is Still on DWTS Because of MAGA Voters ... And It's Pissing the Judges Off

Sean Spicer Is Still on DWTS ... And It's Pissing the Judges Off

When it was first announced that Sean Spicer would be joining Dancing With the Stars for the show's 47,000th season, the news was met with consternation by Democrats and dance competition purists alike.

Though his tenure as White House press secretary was brief, Spicer made a lot of enemies, but also managed to endear himself to MAGA loyalists through his willingness to passionately spew unmitigated bullsh-t in defense of the Big Mac Fascist.

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Roger Mathews Claps Back at JWoww: I Hate You Too, Bish!

Roger Mathews Claps Back at JWoww: I Hate You Too, Bish!

Throughout Jersey Shore's original run, Jenni Farley did her best to steer clear of the drama.

Sure, she might step in and casually cold-cock someone when the situation calls for it, but for the most part, JWoww preferred to quietly collect her MTV checks and leave the overwrought displays of emotion to her co-stars.

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