JWoww & Pauly D Hookup: What Happened Next?

JWoww & Pauly D Hookup: What Happened Next?

Given the fact that they never actually smushed, you would think the morning after the alleged JWoww and Psuly D hookup would be pretty chill.

But because all of their roommates wanted them to smush, and the principle players themselves were a little hazy on the events of the previous night, the following day was about as chill as a crime scene investigation.

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Kendall Jenner Breaks Instagram With Lingerie Selfie: Even Her Sisters Are Stunned!

Kendall Jenner Breaks Instagram With Lingerie Selfie!

Like the rest of the world, Kendall Jenner has been stuck at home for two months, and it looks like she'll remain that way for the foreseeable future.

And like so many other celebs, Insta-models, and influencers, Kendall is doing the world a solid and entertaining herself by cranking out iconic content.

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Vanderpump Rules Editor: I Made Scheana Marie Look Like a Pedophile on Purpose!

Vanderpump Rules Editor: I Humiliate Scheana Marie on Purpose!

If you've been watching the current season of Vanderpump Rules, you know that the aging cast has slowed down a bit these days.

That's our nice way of saying a feud over conflicting suburban pool parties is the height of drama these days, and this season has been so boring it makes us want to claw our eyes out.

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Jenelle Evans Gets Fat-Shamed For Bikini Photos: When Are You Due?!

Jenelle Evans Bikini Photos Attract Body-Shaming Trolls!

Over the weekend, Jenelle Evans and her family celebrated Mother's Day at a beach near her home in North Carolina.

Despite the long history of violence and abuse within the Evans-Eason clan, it seemed that both parents were able to set aside their seething rage long enough for everyone to enjoy the day.

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Khloe Kardashian: Slammed For Teepeeing Kourtney's Home Amid Toilet Paper Shortage

Khloe Kardashian: SLAMMED For Teepeeing Kourtney's Home!

Of all the commodities that have been in short supply over the past few months, perhaps none has made more headlines than toilet paper.

From the very star of the coronavirus pandemic, hoarding bathroom tissue became something of a national obsession, and some areas experienced worrisome shortages.

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Jeremy Vuolo Pays Loving Tribute to Jinger Duggar While Fans Deride Him as Controlling

Jeremy Vuolo Offers Mother's Day Tribute to Jinger Duggar!

It was Mother's Day on Sunday, and while the coronavirus pandemic may have put a damper on their celebrations, various members of the Duggar family still paid tribute to the moms in their life via social media.

There were some significant snubs -- more on that later -- but for the most part, it was a love-fest for maternal figures, as Duggars squashed rumors of bad blood or marital discord by declaring their affection for moms.

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Jill Duggar SNUBS Michelle on Mother's Day as Derick Dillard-Jim Bob Feud Heats Up!

Jill Duggar SNUBS Michelle on Mother's Day as Feud Heats Up!

Like just about every other family in the country, the Duggars celebrated a different sort of Mother's Day this year, as the coronavirus pandemic keeps us locked in our homes or standing six feet apart.

But for Michelle and her daughter Jill, the holiday was unlike any other for reasons that have nothing to do with the public health crisis.

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Kim Kardashian: SLAMMED For Comments About Kris Jenner's Weight!

Kim Kardashian: SLAMMED For Comments About Kris' Weight!

It was Mother's Day on Sunday (yes, if you forgot, it's officially too late to try and make up for it with a belated edible arrangement), and like quarantined moms all over the world, Kim Kardashian celebrated as best she could while in isolation.

And naturally, Kim couldn't let the day go by without paying tribute to her iconic momager, Kris Jenner.

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