Meghan Markle: Roasted By Petty Dweebs Over Latest Instagram Post!

Meghan Markle: Roasted Over Latest Instagram Post

Maybe there's a reason that most fairy tales end with the royal wedding, opting to leave the rest of the princess' story to the readers' imagination.

As it turns out, once the vows are exchanged and the crowns placed atop the noggins, life for commoners-turned-royals can be a real pain in the arse.

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Kim Kardashian & Hillary Clinton: The Press Bullies Meghan Markle Because She's Black!

Kim Kardashian, Hillary Clinton: The Press Is Bullying Meghan Markle!

Both Kim Kardashian and Hillary Clinton were forced to endure a period of time in which they couldn't give an interview without being forced to talk about Donald Trump.

We imagine every day felt like an awkward Thanksgiving with the added pressure of knowing that if you say the wrong thing, you might find yourself quoted in ten million clickbait headlines.

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