Celebrity Gossip Mags Battle Over Brangelina Baby Pics

The competitive world of celebrity gossip reached its apex when Entertainment Tonight confirmed on its website that Angelina Jolie had given birth to twins.

Another tabloid actually published the names of the two new additions to the Brangelina brood. There was just one problem:

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Questionable Britney Spears News of the Week

This week's probably-made-up Britney Spears gossip story award goes to (drum roll please) ... In Touch Weekly! You've been dethroned, OK! Magazine!

On the cover of this week's issue, this fine celebrity news magazine boldly proclaims that a recovering Britney has relapsed, and has been ...

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Shady Details of Heath Ledger Drug Video Emerge

A lawsuit filed Friday alleges that two celebrity news photographers set up Heath Ledger, who died of a lethal combination of drugs this winter, at a 2006 SAG after party, plying him with cocaine, then secretly videotaping him.

In the suit, the plaintiff, Jane Doe (a pseudonym), who was working as a freelance reporter for People magazine at the time, and recounts events that she says took place at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles.

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When Celebrity Gossip and Baseball Collide

Celebrity news readers are everywhere, from Hollywood to Boston's Fenway Park, where a Red Sox fan snapped these photos and sent them to us on Saturday.

Cheering on his beloved team as it hosted the rival New York Yankees, this fan (for some unknown reason) felt a strong need to make bold statements about certain celebrities we know and love. Hard to argue with him on this point ...

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Celebrity Gossip, in the Year 2039...

Late night talk show host Conan O'Brien used to run a segment called "In the Year 2000..." During it, he'd make wild accusations about possible events that may develop at the turn of the century. Most of the time, O'Brien was way off base.

But The Hollywood Gossip staff believes our prescient powers are stronger than those of Conan.

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When in Doubt, Use Old School Britney Spears Pics

When in Doubt, Use Old School Britney Spears Pics

We will give Star Magazine this much: It's been a slow couple of months for those of us who thrive on Britney Spears news and gossip.

That being said, this celebrity news magazine and others like it are stooping to new lows and going to new extremes to fill a sudden Spears void.

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