Amanda Peet is Preggers!

Move over, McDreamy, you aren't the only one making a baby announcement today.

Amanda Peet and her fiancé, screenwritter David Benioff, are expecting their first baby.

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Behold, the Cute Spawn of Jack Black

Behold, the Cute Spawn of Jack Black

Stop the hate mail already! We know there are other celebrity babies out there besides Sean Preston, Kingston, etc.! Not every celebrity baby could fit on our exclusive poll, however. There is simply not enough room, and few parents have the intrigue of Britney Spears. But that doesn't mean we can't do stories about the "other" celebrity babies, too.

See below for Exhibit A: Jack Black, wife Tanya Hayden and three-month-old Sammy. While he would certainly give Shiloh, Maddox or Suri a run for their money in a cuteness competition, you don't hear a lot about him. You da man, Sam!

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