Gigi Hadid Destroys Internet Trolls: I Have Boobs! Thighs! A$$! DEAL!

Gigi Hadid RUINS Body Shaming Trolls with Epic IG Post

Gigi Hadid makes clear in a powerful, pointed and yet poignant Instagram post that she doesn't care what Internet trolls have to say. At all.

Responding to clowns who have been calling out her physique, which has been more curvy of late, the 20-year-old rose above the fray ...

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Jennifer Lopez No Makeup Photo: How Is She 45?!

Jennifer Lopez No Makeup Photo: How Is She 45?!

These days, makeup-free photos are all the rage on social media.

Female stars post bare-faced pics of themselves to show the world what they really look like first thing in the morning, and the shots are often accompanied by a caption in which they subtly congratulate themselves on how brave they are for doing so.

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Robyn Lawley Becomes First Plus-Size Model in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue History

Robyn Lawley Becomes First Plus-Size Model in SI Swimsuit History

Robyn Lawley will appear in Sports Illustrated in a bikini from her own line, and in doing so, is the first plus-size model to grace the iconic swimsuit issue.

The 25-year-old Australian, who wears a U.S. size 12, responded to her inclusion in the magazine by saying, “I’m so excited, I’m dying ... I’m dying!”

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Urban Outfitters Thigh Gap Photos: Possibly Photoshopped, Definitely Banned in UK!

Urban Outfitters Thigh Gap Photos: BANNED in UK!

Urban Outfitters is under fire (what else is knew) for a racy advertisement, this time after running photos of a model with a massive thigh gap on the brand's website.

See below for the pictures that got the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) so up in harms that they ordered UO to remove the image immediately:

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