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Will Ferrell will eat garbage, human toenails or even your underpants if you go to the polls and cast your vote for president.

In a new YouTube clip, the funnyman jokes, “Hi, I’m Will Ferrell… comedian, actor, founder of Facebook, and I will do anything to get you to go out and vote November 6th. I am not kidding. Hungry? How about a home cooked meal. You need a guy to help you move a couch? Done. I’ve even got my own van.”

“If you agree to vote in this election I will personally give you a tattoo. Fair warning… I do not know how to draw.”

“I’ll do a dance just for you.” He then demonstrates before adding, “That was just a taste. If you want the full buffet, you are going to have to vote. If you vote I’ll eat anything you tell me to.”

Romney supporters will want to stop the video at the 1 minute mark … before Ferrell asks you to Vote Obama. Democrats will want to view the final 17 seconds.

Check it out below:

No matter which candidate you support, be sure to exercise your civil duty by casting YOUR VOTE!!

Photo: Video Screen Grab