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There were rumors circulating last week that members of the Twilight cast would be popping up at movie theaters all over the country to surprise their fans and thank them for their support. We personally received an email from the movie company confirming the rumor to be true.

Twilight fans considered this huge news. The cast did not disappoint. Yesterday on-and-off screen couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson made an appearance at a showing of their movie in LA and shocked movie-goers! Fans screamed so loud it was hard to hear what the vampire and the vampire lover were saying.

Various cast members made a total of 20 guest appearances across the country. Taylor Lautner appeared in Pittsburgh, and Ashley Greene popped in at a theater in Jacksonville, Florida. Other lucky cities included Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Nashville, Orange County, Vancouver, and Washington D.C.

Although the visit from the cast was a nice surprise, the movie would have been successful regardless. Twihards have shown immense support for the franchise. The weekend movie gross, according to Box Office Mojo, was $83.6 million.

The success of the Twilight Saga cannot be questioned. The only thing left to sort out is…Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere red carpet photos here.

See the video of the surprise movie theater visit below: