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Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk was injured at the Action Sports Weekend event at Downtown Disney’s Main Plaza in Anaheim. During a demonstration of a half-pipe move, onlookers witnessed a serious accident instead.

Tony, perhaps the greatest skateboarder of all time, fell when trying to land a popular skate trick known as a 540, which involves both your body and board doing one-and-a-half rotations before landing.

Hawk was treated for a sheared pelvis and a hematoma at UC Irvine Trauma Center. Tony took to his Twitter page to express his irritation over not being able to walk, but praised his pain meds and the hospital. The banged up boarder ‘tweeted’: “I will no longer take walking for granted.”

In a later ‘tweet’: “Fall down go BOOM (my foot was off but I went for it anyway… I chose poorly).”

In 1999 Tony became the first person to land a 900, which involves completing two-and-a-half revolutions.

Check out the accident video below: