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Just when we thought the infamous Tiger Woods scandal was dying down, we have discovered another shocking allegation! According to the upcoming TV documentary “Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall”, Tiger has a secret kid with 48-year-old mistress Theresa Rogers.

The documentary also claims that there is DNA evidence that will prove that the golf superstar did in fact father a girl, who is now 5-years-old. The show will air in the UK on Thursday.

A baby girl was born to Rogers early in 2004. A friend of the woman told RadarOnline: “You just never know because she did not have any kids with her third husband and her final husband Wayne Rogers was in his late sixties when they married. The Theresa Rogers I knew was funny, smart and very controlling, and she would do whatever was necessary to get exactly what she wanted.”

The friend went on to say: “I wasn’t shocked at all when I found out she was hooking up with Tiger. Theresa was always the type of woman who was on the look-out for an ultra wealthy man who could look after her. She always had expensive tastes and liked to eat at the best restaurants and be part of the ‘in-crowd’ wherever she was.”

Rumor has it that Theresa, Wood’s oldest mistress, received $3 million in hush money. A year ago this story would seem extremely far fetched, but 14 alleged mistresses later we are inclined to believe there is at least a hint of possibility.

It should be interesting to see if this latest allegation further harms the golfer’s already tarnished legacy?

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