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Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino of ‘Jersey Shore’ fame is being sued by an anti-fat cream brand for breach of contract.

The company, Performance Brands, claims that the reality star signed a deal in September 2011 to endorse their fat metabolizing cream and promptly dropped the ball.

The legal documents state they paid the actor a $75,000 advance to provide promotional material to clients, give shout-outs via social media and make personal appearances.

The problem with that scenario is that shortly after he received his upfront payday, the new spokesman checked into rehab for prescription drug addiction.

PB is seriously miffed that The Situation failed to disclose his addiction and they want their money back.

Sitch has filed a counter-suit in which he claims that the company failed to give him a marketing plan in a timely manner, never advertised in national magazines, and never provided him with free products.

For the record, the anti-fat cream company denies the counter claims made by Sorrintino. It will be up to a judge to decide who is really the injured party in the case.

Photo Credit: DJDM-WENN