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So who is Esquire‘s Sexiest Woman Alive? Currently she is a mystery woman. Esquire is dropping hints along the way to her reveal a month from now. Can you guess who it is?

The road to total revealment kicks off this month — with the tangle of clues above and a few hints from someone intimately acquainted with our mystery woman. Who better to divulge the secrets of the Sexiest Woman Alive than her most trusted confidante, her sounding board, the wind beneath her wings? (Sadly, no, this year’s SWA is not Bette Midler.) So we spoke confidentially to her best pal and shook her down.

How long have you known xxxxxxx?

Six years. An acquaintance told me about her, and I kind of wrote her off, because I thought she was tall, beautiful, and Hollywood. I figured, I know who she is. In fact, she is all of those things and much more.

What do you do you when you’re hanging out?

Cook. Eat. She eats a lot.

What does she like to eat?

Everything. Which is very refreshing. She’s also a great cook. Every week she’s investigating a new recipe. At our last dinner party, she cooked delicious lamb chops.

And when you’re not eating?

She’s got a weakness for games.

Checkers? Croquet? Cockfighting?

The one that she loves right now is Mexican Train. It’s an addictive form of dominoes. I think Salma Hayek introduced her to it. It makes a normally loving group of people become desperately abusive.

Has she ever struck you?

No, no. Verbal. Always verbal.

Any other passions?

She’s a huge animal lover. When we were on holiday in Mexico once, she stopped in the middle of nowhere to buy hot dogs. And I remember thinking, What the hell is she doing? And she basically drove around the village feeding all the starving dogs.

Do you guys go out drinking a lot?

She’s not a big drinker, honestly. She’s got a favorite cocktail right now — something disgusting with onions in it. Gin with onions in it. I don’t think anything should have an onion floating in it, but it does. A Gibson. That’s it.

Does she have any flaws?

She may wish she had smaller feet, but honestly, they’re pretty standard size. Flaws? Probably none. And she’s not someone who spends a lot of time on her appearance.

I bet that makes you sick.

Totally. Throws on a piece of old garbage and looks amazing.

When you’re out, do people recognize her?

People do stop to look. I remember once we were going out to Joshua Tree, and we stopped to buy tequila, and she had to show her ID. The woman looked at it and said, “Did anyone tell you you look just like Ashley Judd?” And she said, “No, but thank you very much.”

Will you have a hard time keeping her identity a secret?

You’re telling me I have to?


Okay, fine. But I am going to call her and tell her I gave away her gin-and-onion drink.

For more clues and another pic continue reading this article.

One month closer to full disclosure and another informant emerges to drop a few hints on her identity.This time, it’s an Oscar-winning director, who recently collaborated with our Sexiest Woman Alive on an intense little drama.

Any guesses?