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Rapper T.I. is currently behind bars in Arkansas serving an 11 month sentence stemming from a 2009 gun conviction. While incarcerated the entertainer is using his time wisely. He claims: “The longer I sit, the smarter I get.”

“So here it is…NO MERCY, the most honest and intimate installment of my life story as promised. Hope y’all enjoy it and it lives up to the very high standards I’ve set for myself or anyone who’s to be considered one of the best. I must admit it takes a lot to go through as much as I have and still keep the love in your heart and in your art.”

“But at the end of the day, if that’s what it takes to produce the music that keeps the world of hip-hop evolving on it’s axis… then even the lowest of the lows of my life was all worth it. Thanks again for your prayers, your time and attention. And remember… it doesn’t matter how long it’ll be before the next time you see me. What matters is that I’ll be a better man before that time comes. The longer I sit, the smarter I get.”

T.I. went on to say that the letters he gets from his fans lift his spirits daily and that he reads every single one. Keeping his head up, believing that God has a plan for him and he is ready to “LIVE LIFE.” Full statement here.

The rapper’s latest album, No Mercy, was released today and is available in stores across the country.

Photo Credit: PicApp/Getty Images